Saturday, June 2, 2012

heavenly abs series II

Hey, we heard it is officially swimsuit season! If you have been practicing our first ab series, then you should be ready to crank it up a notch!  Add these moves onto part one to create one kick ass ab routine sure to fire up those dreamy, swimsuit ready abs of yours! 
Make sure to add in some extra cardio too. . .

1. bring both knees in to your chest, keeping your knees straight above your hips. Make sure to create a flat table top from your knees to your toes. Do 16 crunches lifting your shoulder blades off of the ground and pressing your abs into the floor or sand.
2. straighten both legs straight up to the blue sky, again keeping your legs in line with your hips. 
Do 8 crunches.
3. scissor your legs open into a dancer's second position. Do 8 crunches.
4. bring the bottoms of your feet together into a "butterfly" position with knees open to the side. 
Do 8 crunches.

Finish this series with an isometric hold that your love handles will hate you for! 
Hold this position for 1 minute on each side. 
If your waist line is extra stubborn, go ahead and repeat it twice :)
{intermediate/advanced. . . just try it!}

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