Sunday, August 19, 2012

let's chalk about it

I have had an obsession with lettering my entire life! Yes, I was that girl that would write song lyrics on the front of my binder and get all excited about deciding which font I was going to write "Biology" in on my book cover. I loved the look of plain old craft paper with creative lettering in the center. . . nerd alert. But little did I know that I would end up doing it for work as an adult! I am lucky enough to work on the visual team for Anthropologie, where I get to do arts and crafts every day. A few weeks back I got to use my love for all things chalk and create chalkboards for display in the store. . .
This tedious little project lit a spark in my creative mojo that got me thinking, more like obsessing over chalk! How many ways can I use chalk and lovely lettering to create art? Oh ya, my mind is still going ape sh*t. . . Anyways, after posting a couple of pics on Instagram and Facebook, I had some of my dear friends reach out with projects of their own that they needed my help with. In I came with chalk, rulers, and font books in hand! The first project that I got started on was a couple of signs for a wedding! I LOVE weddings and all of the love that embodies that special day, so I was super excited to get to put my little touch on the event. Even better was the joy that came out of the bride when I delivered my hand made signs to her. Happiness filled my heart and I drove away feeling so blessed!
{ I can't wait to see + share the pictures from the event}

Sunday, August 12, 2012

our little treasure chest

Growing up, we always had treasure chests full of random loves and baubles that we would collect throughout our years in sunny California! Our favorite memories from our childhood are our many travels to our grandparents houses to play with all of their old junk. Honestly, we had really cool grandparents with amazing treasures! From that moment we began to love all things rusty, torn, and aged. The older the better!  Lately we have been traveling the coast hunting for treasures and truly amazing gems, we are truly addicted to it. But our places aren't big enough to keep hoarding all of this rad stuff, so together we decided to open a little shop over at Etsy to share some of our gypsy findings with you.We hope you enjoy our treasure chest! 
Please stop by our little SHOP and stay a while!!

Here is a tiny peak at what is inside. . .
Stay tuned, we will be adding new pieces daily! What kind of treasures have you been hiding?