Saturday, June 23, 2012

bun heads

Once a bun head, always a bun head! Growing up as dancers, we were forced to secure our precious locks into tightly pinned doughnuts on the tops of our heads on a daily basis. At the time we thought that there could be nothing worse than this unattractive hairstyle that gave us Dumbo ears! Well, now look at us. . . wrapping our hair into buns has turned into a pretty much daily activity. When we saw that thing called a "sock bun" on the internet we were hesitant to try it, kinda reminded us of those cheesy infomercials. But one day we thought screw it, and we went into my husbands sock drawer and stole a pair of long grey socks! We cut the toes off, and each took a sock into the bathroom. The rest is history. The sock bun is our new favorite hairstyle. No more bobby pins or weird droopy buns. Just a beautiful, doughnut that sits right on the top of your head! It goes up in minutes and stays for hours. Try it, it really feels magical. We like to keep our hair a little messy when doing it so that we still have that natural and effortless look the topknot is known for! Here is our how-to:

start with a sock that matches the color of your hair so that it hides inside of your bun later!
cut the toes off to create your "bun tube"
step 1::
secure your hair into a ponytail at whatever height that you like your bun.
we like ours pretty high up there!

step 2::
place your hair inside of the tube with a little bit of hair peeking out of the top

step 3::
peel the ends of your hair down in a circular motion around the sock.
roll the sock down, tucking your hair inside with each roll.
continue rolling until you reach the base of your ponytail.
give it one extra roll to tighten your bun


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