Saturday, May 12, 2012

DIY :: painted pots

I saw these cute itty bitty plants in terracotta pots as I was checking out at Trader Joes the other day. I am a sucker for those impulse buys at registers, but give me a good gossip mag and I will try my hardest to avoid throwing another $20 bucks worth of needless things into my cart at the last minute! Anyways, I ended up buying 3 of them with the intention of painting them in fancy neon shades. With Mother's Day approaching, my mind wanders to all of my beautiful friends that are mothers. My idea? Ding dong ditch! I am the master of leaving little gifts on the doorsteps of others. I am not gonna lie, I find pleasure in picturing them opening their doors and finding little goodies sitting on their porch all alone waiting for them. . . These are perfect for any occasion or non-occasion! Try ding dong ditching someone today. . . Stay tuned for pics of my ditches tomorrow!! In the meantime, grab your paint brush and start jazzing up those pots.

{have a mystical weekend}

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