Monday, September 3, 2012

labor day traditions

We like to look at Labor Day as a kick off to fall!! The air starts to get crisp, the beautiful fall colors start to pop up in the leaves, and the holidays are right around the corner!! These thoughts make us over the moon excited. Not to mention all of the cozy clothes and blankets that come out of hiding and take center stage. We wanted to share with you a few of our favorite things to do on Labor Day!!
 Host a bohemian dinner party for our friends and family
 Cool off with homemade rainbow snow cones. 
Let's be honest it is still 90 degrees here in Southern California!
 Take a few minutes to hike around the mountains and collect flowers to fill all of 
our empty vintage vases on our tables.
 Yes, even though it is Labor Day, we still like to squeeze in a little catch up work on our day off!!
 Throw on a flowing dress + leather hat. Enjoy a walk with the family.
Lay in the grass, watch the clouds, and blow bubbles. 
Each bubble represents something or someone that we are thankful for!!

We hope that you are enjoying your Labor Day!!

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