Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DIY mini terrariums // creative connections event

This past Friday night I helped host a wonderful event for a really cool group called 
CREATIVE CONNECTIONS at Anthropologie. They are a fabulous group of female creatives  who meet each month for inspiration & socializing. They network, learn from each other, and make new friends in the creative field! They also get to make those face-to-face connections with ladies that they tweet with, blog with, facebook stalk, and work near! I headed the DIY station of course, and got to meet a ton of talented young women with creative minds, in fields that I dream to one day be part of.  It was a lot of fun to teach a little craft that can be used in SO many ways. We made tiny terrariums inside of our glassware, tea cups, and bowls. These cute little trinkets make perfect teacher gifts, party favors, thank you gifts, centerpieces, and would look incredibly darling in the cup holder of your car! All you need is some gravel, a little soil, and a baby succulent. Find a container in your kitchen and layer away. . . it's that simple! Oh, and I served homemade peppermint patties and take five bark for the DIYers. . . stay tuned for recipes!


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