Sunday, July 8, 2012

love birds

Since we are in the heart of wedding season, we thought that we would share some of the magic from my very own special day. I can't believe that this took place almost 7 years ago!! And to make things even more retro. . . all of my wedding pictures were taken on film!! I know, ancient technology here people. I actually find it really special that we have a box of negatives from our wedding!!

Here is a little snapshot on how things went down. . .
the setting, an old flamenco bar in Los Feliz on New Years Eve
a crystal chandelier, hanging votives, and the moon lit the ceremony to perfection
 curly willow and honeysuckle vines spiraled into a magical archway
 black dahlias, red roses, and hydrangeas were dripping throughout
 the flamenco stage was a perfect setting for our home movies
we sprinkled in vintage brooches, red velvet, and peacock feathers
every wedding needs a sexy burlesque show
a photo booth made for amazing entertainment!
and here we are, the love birds.

wedding photography: rikka zimmerman / flowers and decor: moss to moon / 
wedding venue: el cid / event design: mystics and mint

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