Monday, July 9, 2012

bitter sweet

This past weekend, my beautiful sister, and co-author of this blog was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. According to her doctors, they think that she has had this for years!! Due to her extremely healthy and active lifestyle, she was able to manage it on her own, naturally. But her poor body couldn't keep up and finally broke down. Last night, as our family gathered for a birthday celebration for our older sister Katie, Mary was unpacking and testing her new "swag" as we call it. Of course, my parents were bickering over the instructions, while Mary had snot running out of her nose to my left and Katie was eating her birthday dinner alone to my right.  Meanwhile, I forgot about the birthday cake that was slowly burning in the oven. Needless to say it was a little bit of a stressful celebration!!  

Anyways. It was incredibly heart breaking for me to watch the tears pour down Mary's face as our dad pricked her finger and injected her leg with insulin for the first time. I want to dedicate this post to Mary and all of the strong, beautiful people in the world living with this disease. Mary is the most compassionate, loving, and self-less sister in the world. This girl amazes and inspires me on a daily basis. She will be posting diabetic friendly recipes as well as tips + tricks that she uncovers throughout her exploration into the world of diabetes.

We love you Mimi

photography: wild{whim}photography


  1. That is so very sweet. Diabetes is a life changer for sure! I can't imagine how hard it must be fore her right now. I see people in the hospital too often with this disease, but it quickly goes from life changing to just a normal part of their lives. I hope it quickly becomes her norm too and it makes her a stronger individual. It's so nice to here that she is a healthy girl - tell her to keep it up! It will make a HUGE difference with her new diagnosis.

  2. What a touching post. The irony is too much, of all the people in the world to have to give herself shots... She is putting on a fun and fearless armor with a great attitude. VERY BRAVE!

  3. My heart goes out to you, Mary. My niece was diagnosed when she was 14. It was a challenging adjustment. Reading about your first experience giving insulin brought back bitter memories. Like you, she has a wonderful, strong spirit. After a short time her smile returned and life went on. She is 18 now and I forget she has it because she carries herself so well! The fact that you are channeling your situation into a way of helping others by sharing recipes and tips speaks volumes of your character. I wish you all the best! Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt post, Laura.
    Elizabeth Bellows

  4. beautiful post, laura. mary is one tough cookie and she has such a sweet soul. with the love and support that surrounds her...she can make it through anything. much love, paige