Friday, March 16, 2012

food rule friday

Introducing our new series "food rule fridays" . . . these are just fun tips designed to make you happier and healthier!! Adapted from the book "Food Rules" by Michael Pollan., the theory behind this series is that eating should be simple and pleasurable. Our culture has been blessed with the knowledge and awareness of overly processed, overly commercialized "food".  
Let these rules be the answer to "what should I be" eating?

 number one ::

Most of the items that you find in the supermarket don't deserve to be called "food". We like to call them "edible posers". They are highly processed and contain chemical additives that the human body was not designed to eat. The best question to ask yourself when looking at the ingredients list is "would a normal person keep this in their pantry?" We have always dreamt about living in a time where the normal way of life was growing your own fruits and veggies and having milk delivered in those beautiful bottles!! 

Well, what goes around comes around. We are super excited about Kiki's Juice!!  The first cold pressed green juice delivery business in West Los Angeles. They recommend 16 oz of this nutrient rich, enzyme and chlorophyll packed, alkaline goodness everyday. Kiki's juice delivers 4 bottles twice a week to your home or office and pick up the empties when they come for their next delivery, friendly for the environment and incredible for your health. Their vision is huge and their motto is "Shut up and drink your vegetables!!" We love the concept and wish we lived closer to the city, ugh.  

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