Saturday, March 24, 2012

DIY :: plush acoustic guitar

When my neighbors brought home their little bundle of joy, I instantly put on my thinking cap to come up with the perfect gift for them! Inspired by his name, Buckley (ummmmmmm, Jeff Buckley is one of my all time faves!!!) I knew this tiny tot HAD to have his own soft acoustic guitar! So I took a picture of my husband's guitar and ran off to the local craft store to find the perfect supplies. . .

tan, brown, and natural colored felt
black foam sheet
felted balls for the tuners
leather lacing for the strings
gold embroidery thread
batting to stuff it with

There it is. . . . Buckley's first acoustic guitar!
p.s. our little pug Bowie always seems to creep into my pictures (also named after a lovely musician)

Enjoy this oldie but goodie by the one and only Jeff Buckley

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