Sunday, February 12, 2012

licorice love wands

Valentine's day = sweet treats from your lover, finding a secret surprise from an admirer, or sitting in your bed alone with a box of chocolates stuffing your face singing "all by myself!!!!!!!!!" Yes, this is the day that we all give in to that love/hate relationship with sugar and indulge in one too many hershey kisses and shovel down half a dozen of those delicious chocolate covered strawberries. What about those "fat-free" red vines that come in a tub that seems like if you grab 5 no one can tell?? Well this year, we decided to make LICORICE LOVE WANDS. . .  magically dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with sugar dust to conjure Cupid's affection. These are fun, easy, and make the perfect project for your little helpers (if you have em) . Get dipping. . .

what you need:
1 tub o' red vines
1 bag white dipping chocolates
3 tubes of sprinkles

Prepare your work surface with wax paper to place your wands on while they cool. Melt the chocolate according to the package. Dip licorice in the melted chocolate and tap on the side of the bowl until you get a nice and even coat on the end of the licorice. Sprinkle toppings onto the licorice as you turn, covering the chocolate evenly. Place wand on the wax paper to cool.

Once your wands are cool, place them in a large glass jar and enjoy! This makes about 150 wands, so go ahead and package some up to give to your co-workers, friends, or lover! XOXO

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