Tuesday, February 14, 2012

hipcooks LA

If you enjoy shuffling around the kitchen a little, you should definitely skip over to Hipcooks!  They have urban kitchens all over Southern California. . . get your hands dirty and knife skills sharpened with their hands on cooking classes. Give me alcohol, hand me a torch, and teach me some cutting techniques and I am one happy "chef". The East LA space is surrounded by artists studios and succulents,  I found myself daydreaming during class about how I would turn the kitchen loft into a living space. My favorite part is that they use fresh, organic ingredients and share recipes that are healthy and great for dinner parties or a romantic dinner for two! The perfect spot for a date or girls night out. . . and yes, they serve wine (they even have a cocktails class- yum) . Here is a little sneak peak of my trip. . . 

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