Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DIY Angry Bird Pinata

Everyone loves a good party, and throwing one is just as much fun!! My little darling, Berlin turned 4 this month which led me to pin as many navajo inspired party ideas onto my pinterest as I could find!! Once I had my heart set on building tee pees and crafting feather head dresses for the kiddos, Berlin told me that she REALLY wanted an angry birds party. . . what?????????? Ugh, all of my daydreams were gone in that moment and I knew what had to be done. My new goal was to throw her the most hip angry birds party around. As I began researching pinatas, I realized that this stuff isn't cheap! So I threw on my sneakers, hit up Michaels, and snagged some supplies. 3 hours and $20 bucks later, Berlin had an angry bird "pig"nata all her own. Whether you are making an angry bird or your favorite animal, follow this tutorial then beat the crap out of it . . .

Supply List
tissue paper
paper lantern
fringe scissors
tacky glue
thin foam sheets for face/details
rope for hanging

How To
STEP 1: cut 2 inch strips of tissue paper
tip: you can cut 4 layers at a time if you have sharp scissors

STEP 2: "fringe" your tissue strips and set aside

STEP 3: starting at the bottom, squeeze tacky glue in a line around the lantern

STEP 4: place a strip of fringed tissue, turning lantern as you go

STEP 5: work your way to the top, overlapping your previous piece a bit

STEP 6: trace and cut out the face/details

STEP 7: hot glue the details to your pinata

STEP 8: place a cardboard circle inside the bottom of the lantern to create a barrier

STEP 9: fill with candy

STEP 10: tie rope through the loops at the top of the frame, leaving a long piece for installation

SWING AWAY!! Here is a look at ours in action. . .

photo credit: wildheartwhispers


  1. Super cute! Thanks for the idea. How did you do the ears??

    1. Luli! I cut the ears out of the foam sheets and covered them just like the body. I added small ovals in a contrasting color to create the inner ear. Hot glue the ears onto the base, then cover in tissue paper to blend them in. . . hope this helps :) XOXO