Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY :: easter eggs

Ok, people have been dying easter eggs forever!! And thanks to Martha Stewart, the egg has been adorned in sequins, glitter, paint, you name it, she has done it!! Did you see her egg GEODES? If you haven't check it out here. . .  amazing. We searched whole foods, the world market, and every drugstore and super market in town for the magic powder that we needed to make those gorgeous crystal eggs but came up empty handed. . .oh well. Plan B. We decided that we would go green and recycle the napkins from a birthday party that we threw a few weeks ago. We cut the napkins into small pieces and decoupaged them onto blown out eggs covering the entire egg with the fun patterns. For the left over eggs we made confetti out of tissue paper from our craft closet, poked holes in the tops of the eggs, and filled them with the confetti. We covered the holes with left over tissue and mod-podge. These eggs were super easy and fun, the perfect craft to do with the kids!! How did you decorate your eggs??

Supply List:
a dozen blown out eggshells (get the how-to here)
patterned napkins
craft scissors
tissue paper
mod podge
craft brush
hole punch for confetti

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